Northern Wheat Free Biscuits – Craft Beer

Northern Wheat Free Biscuits – Craft Beer

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Fresh from the Northern Biscuit Bakery - the perfect way to grab a drink with your four-legged drinking buddy!

  • Spent Grain leftover during the brewing process from a local Ontario Craft Brewery is blended into our popular peanut butter recipe. Spent grain, believe it or not, has great health benefits. It contains fibre to help with digestion and is rich in essential amino acids
  • Wheat-Free containing Barley to sooth sensitive, allergy suffering stomachs and improve overall health
  • Low Calorie with only 18 calories per treat, allowing healthy training sessions and happy bonding even on a restricted, low calorie diet. (Because who likes to diet anyways?!)
  • Limited Ingredients from Canada that you can pronounce (and even count on one hand!) sure to satisfy any palate
  • Crunchy Texture with every bite to promote good oral hygiene and pearly whites!
  • Environmentally Friendly by recycling and repurposing brewery waste to help reduce our ‘paw’ prints
  • Sustainable Packaging made in Canada with eyecatching golden colours and label to pay homage to a tall, freshly-poured pint!


Barley, Peanut Butter, Spent Grain, Brewer's Dried Yeast, Oats, Apple Cider Vinegar*.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein

12.0% Min.

Crude Fat

6.0% Min.

Crude Fiber

4.0% Max.


10.0% Max.

Calories (per 5 g biscuit): approx. 18

CHEERS! Please Crunch Responsibly. *Does not contain alcohol


  • Fresh & Local Ingredients; Locally sourced fresh ingredients from Canadian farmers and businesses.
  • Limited & Human-Grade Ingredients; Smple wheat free and grain free recipes with quality ingredients you can pronounce.
  • Naturally Preserved with Apple Cider Vinegar; A trusted ingredient that deactivates biscuit enzymes, ridding of bacteria.
  • Hard & Crunchy Biscuit; Specially formaulated to help support dental health.
  • Small Batch & Low Calorie Recipes; Ensuring a consistent high quality guilt-free treat.
  • 100% Compostable Bag; our unqiue kraft bag, liner, window, and label are 100% compostable.